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NEW Iscream Pillows and Accessories

Posted on 03 August 2018

NEW Iscream Pillows and Accessories. 2018 styles from Iscream including peace pillow, midnight camo backpack, and skateboarding dinosaur. Makes the perfect gift for any age. 

Use the backpacks, weekender bags, and travel bags for sports, sleepovers, and more! Pair with cute cozy slides and a scented pillow. Must have items for summer fun and back to school. 
SEE FULL COLLECTION AT: https://pumpkinheadkids.com/collections/girls/iscream 
Iscream Backpack Chill BlueIscream Plush Slides Chill BlueIscream Plush Cotton Candy Pillow

Iscream Midnight Blue BackpackIscream Midnight Blue Travel BagIscream Plush Slides Purple

The BEST gift for boys from 2 to high school!! From dinosaur pillows, to nightlights, and more, put it all together for the perfect gift. Go team!
SEE FULL COLLECTION AT: https://pumpkinheadkids.com/collections/boys/iscream 
Iscream pillow Game OverIscream Waterbottle SportsIscream Pillow BasketballIscream Pillow Soccer

Iscream Boys Skateboard Dino PillowIscream Night Light DinosaurIscream Pillow SharkIscream Pillow Shark

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