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Iscream Fun Pillows and Accessories

Posted on 26 June 2018

Iscream Fun Pillows Travel Bags and Accessories. Pumpkinheads is THE store to order the hottest new styles from Iscream. From Pillows (both scented and unscented), bedroom accessories, and beach accessories, we have it all. The IT gift for girls of all ages. Sure to be a homerun! 

OUR FAVORITE PILLOWS - Scented and Unscented

From unicorns, to cupcakes, to hearts, and more! All different styles in all different sizes. Cozy up or decorate your room! 

Iscream furry pink heart rainbow scented pillowIscream scented pillow heart sprinkle cupcakeIscream scented tri color macaron smiley pillow set

Iscream sequin switch purple pink sequin pillow cupcake Iscream rainbow sprinkle donut scented pillow Iscream scented unicorn furry fuzzy pillow



The best gift of the summer. Who doesn't love beach accessories? Choose from rainbows, mermaids, or narwhals. pair with a cute beach bag they'll use all summer long for wet bathing suits. 

Iscream oversized beach towel purple narwhalIscream clear chill print beach bagIscream oversized beach towel rainbow

Iscream clear gummy bear print beach bagIscream mermaid tail oversized beach towelIscream clear beach bag sunscreen travel bag gummy bear


Feeling more cozy? Decorate her bedroom with pillows, nightlights, string lights, and more. Add a journal for late night thoughts! 

Iscream dream rectangle furry pillow Iscream rainbow battery operated night light Iscream gummy bear metallic journal

Iscream dinosaur battery night lightIscream unicorn string lights dorm bedroom Iscream furry unicorn sleeping bag


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