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GIRLS Quarantine Ideas - Crafts & More

Posted on 18 April 2020

Quarantine Gifts for Girls - Bring on the Smiles! We know, we know, now is not the time to be thinking about gifts! But here are some of our favorite gifties for girlies to pass the time.... 

While we are all stuck at home, here are some fun ideas for crafting, bath time, being cozy during movie time, and fun with siblings. Parents need a break! 

All clothing, toys, and crafts are now 50% off - get a gift basket to your little girl at home so she can have some fun once again! 

Note: Schoolwork first!!


Cozy at night: Shop through our selection of hoodies, bath bombs, and books for a cozy night in. Take a bath with these luxurious bath bomb sets, get into a cozy hoodie, and then read until bedtime. (sounds nice for us moms too...)

Californian Vintage Girls Hoodie Sweatshirts 50% offgirls bath bombs 50% off unicorn 6 packgirls bath salts 50% off girls quarantine giftsZoe's room 50% off all girls books

Good Vibes & Love ONLY. Spread the word with these girls sets - Mayoral's Good Vibes sweatshirt, or T2Love's "Amour" t shirt. Tell your little girl that she should only being worried about love and good vibes during this tough time! 

girls mayoral 50% off good vibes sweatshirtgirls malibu sugar 50% off shorts and tanksgirls malibu sugar soft tank tops 50% offgirls t2 love sale 50% off amour t shirt

Fun in her room

Living Royal, Ice Cream, and all stuffed animals are now 50% off. Have fun being "bored" in her room with funky socks, fun pillows, and stuffed animals. This will guarantee the smiles. 

girls living royal on sale 50% offgirls iscream pillows 50% offall girls stuffed animals 50% off salemeri meri girls gifts 50% off
Passing the time? We suggest coloring books, light boards, and MUSIC! Iscream speakers and night lights are 50% off for a nice vibe at bedtime. 

Girls coloring books Beach Yoga Book 50% off saleiscream girls light box on sale 50% offiscream night lights now 50% off rainbow iscream night lightiscream speaker girls unicorn speaker 50% off sale

Stressed? Your kids are too. Gather some mood lights, stress balls, and books to get cozy with the family. Our favorite book for right now - Stone Soup. Emphasizing the importance of community and neighbors.  

 Girls Iscream mirrors 50% off cat mirror for girlsgirls caticorn mood light on sale iscreamgirls stress ball 50% off sale unicorn stress ball

Stone Soup Book Sale 50% off

Fun with siblings? Our craft kits are  MUST for this difficult time. From gliter bowls, to family activities, to girls EMPOWER posters...... try some. Or feeling silly? Get some chalk and some face paint and have some fun in the yard. 

Girls Crafts on saleGirls Inspire Craftastic on saleGirls face paint kit on sale now Girls sidewalk chalk quarantine activities 50% off



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